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Development Officer Full-time

at City of Hollywood, FL in Florida (Published at 15-04-2019)

Under the general direction of the Communications, Marketing & Economic Development Director, performs highly responsible and confidential work involving development projects, redevelopment objectives, business assistance activities, and the acquisition and disposition of real property. The Development Officer serves as the lead in developing new business and strategic partnerships; leading transactional negotiations related to development, assisting in strategic planning; and providing staff, developers, businesses, and property owners the necessary information related to growth and sustainable development occurring within the City and region that is needed to make informed decisions about Hollywood's future development. This position will serve as the point of contact to resolve development issues before escalating to City Administration.

  • Responsible for the oversight, coordination, analysis and review of development in the City both public and private.
  • Assists with City Commission inquiries, requests and priority initiatives.
  • Serves as liaison to Chamber of Commerce, Community Redevelopment Agency, Business Associations, developers, and contractors, and other public, private groups interested in economic development and related matters.
  • Participates in long-range strategic planning and recommends goals for economic, community, and business development.
  • Reviews City Commission agenda items that have development impact and advises the Director in areas of concern.
  • Represents the City in discussing major public/private partnerships.
  • Provide policy recommendations on process improvements and regulations concerning the current permit and regulatory practices
  • Provides oversight and tracks development project processes to ensure commitments are met in a timely manner.
  • Administers the City's land acquisition sales and leasing activities;
  • Develops policies, procedures and priorities to meet established goals in regard to existing projects and other pending or contemplated projects.
  • Assists in developing and maintaining strategic fiscal and capital improvement plans for land acquisition, sales and leasing.
  • Maximizes the generation of revenues to the City by applying a "market value" business approach to transactions.
  • Participates in conferences and public and professional meetings, specifically those that may relate to real estate.
  • Elaborates business development plans, design and implement processes to support business growth, through customer and market definition.
  • Builds and maintains high-level contacts with current and prospective customer and other business and project partners.
  • Understand the City permitting and inspection processes and guide new businesses through them, working through any roadblocks.
  • Have an understanding and ability to communicate the guidelines and restrictions of the zoning code other municipal parameters.
  • Coordinates with city departments, public agencies, property and business owners as necessary to facilitate, implement and complete projects.
  • Conducts site visits to verify that site improvements and compliance with conditions of development approval in-order to support staff reports and/or recommendations.
  • Schedules and/or attends pre-construction or other development related meetings to help verify the process of development review.
  • Assists in the creation and analysis of joint economic development districts, tax incentive financing districts, business incentive programs and cooperative economic development agreements
  • Prepares and presents oral, written, and special reports to City agencies, City Council, economic development interest groups, other interested parties and groups as well as the general public.
  • Act as liaison between prospective businesses, property owners and commercial realtors.
  • Develops and maintains external relationships with regulators, elected officials and key trade associations.
  • Coordinates with various City departments on major development, redevelopment, and business assistance policies, issues, and projects.
  • Pursues the development of strategic partnerships, relationships and alliances with the business community.
  • Provides guidance and expert advice to technical staff from the provider perspective regarding design systems and processes that serve our customers.
  • Performs other duties as required.

The Requirements

Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a degree in Business or Public Administration, Marketing, Planning, Architecture, Economics or a closely related field.
Two (2) years of progressively responsible experience in acquisitions, construction and development, commercial real estate, project management and/or development review.
Master's degree from an accredited college or university with a degree in Business or Real Estate, Finance, Public Administration, Marketing, Planning, Architecture, Economics, or a closely related field with major coursework in real estate, valuations, finance, land acquisition, or development.
Five (5) or more years of progressively responsible experience in acquisitions, finance, real estate and economic development, or redevelopment and business assistance programs.

The Examination

Required Education and Background Information: Look over the announcement carefully to determine your eligibility. Please note minimum education and experience requirements. Closed competitive positions are open only to employees while open competitive positions are open to anyone who meets the minimum qualifications for the position. Evidence of GED test score is required if submitted for high school diploma. Applicants are responsible for clearly documenting work experience and/or providing all relevant information at the time of application. Additional information will not be accepted after the announcement closing date
Examination: Depending on the number of applicants and the quality of their education and experience, the examination may consist of one or more of the following tests: written examination, performance examination, education and experience evaluation, oral examination and/or other job related examinations.
You will be notified of the time and place of your examination when you file or later by mail. A passing grade is required on each part of the process. Repeated participation in any examination for which the same test is used is limited to once every 6 months. Your examination results will be sent by email as soon as possible after the grading is completed.
Final passing grades are used to determine a candidate's position on the eligibility list of successful candidates. Departments fill vacancies from this list. The top three names are considered for each vacancy unless otherwise modified. Those not appointed are returned to the eligibility list for further consideration in accordance with the Civil Service Ordinance. Your name will remain on a register for one year for open competitive examinations and two years for closed competitive except where labor contract conflicts.
Your name may be removed from an eligibility list prior to one year according to Hollywood's Civil Service Ordinance or labor contracts. Your eligibility may be cancelled if you refuse a position or if you are not available for work. You are responsible for notifying the Employment Office, in writing, of any change in your address or telephone number.
Special Accommodation and Communication Needs: The City of Hollywood provides necessary reasonable accommodation in the examination process upon request to persons with disabilities. Such requests must be made PRIOR to any scheduled examination.
Veteran's Preference: An eligible veteran who enters an open-competitive examination shall receive preference points added to the total passing score earned in the examination as provided for in the Florida Statutes. To obtain veteran's preference, candidates MUST submit a copy of separation papers (DD214) and meet eligibility requirements as stipulated by the Florida Statues.

Additional Information

All successful applicants will be required to pass an extensive background which may include criminal history searches, driving history checks, credit report, courthouse searches, education verification, employment verification, professional license verification, or other search methods as deemed necessary for the position. In addition, the applicant will be required to undergo a medical examination, which may include a drug screening, prior to appointment.
Employment of Relatives: The City of Hollywood has an Ordinance which regulates the employment of relatives of City employees. Effective January 28, 2008, a relative may only be hired under the following additional conditions:

  • The relative must have competed in an appropriate examination process as determined by Human Resources and be placed on a civil service eligibility list;
  • The relative must be among the top three ranked candidates available on the certified eligibility list unless expanded by the Civil Service Board;
  • The Department or Office Director and the Director, Human Resources must demonstrate that it is in the best interests of the City of Hollywood to hire the relative of a public officer or employee.

As of 12/15/2005 the City will require all newly hired employees to sign an affidavit affirming non-usage of tobacco or tobacco products within the last year prior to submission of application and will continue to be a non-user of tobacco products throughout employment with the City of Hollywood.
REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION: The Employment Office will make reasonable efforts in the examination and workplace to accommodate persons with disabilities. Please advise Human Resources of special needs by calling (954) 921-3216.
The City of Hollywood is an Equal Opportunity / Equal Access Employer.

  • Executive, Management, and Technical level employees shall accrue two hundred (200) hours of vacation leave per vacation year, except for vacation leave directly approved by the City Commission (the vacation leave year shall begin on October 1st and end on the following September 30th). Employees in these classifications shall be required to utilize eighty (80) hours of vacation during the vacation year for which it is earned or it will be lost at the end of the vacation year (In individual circumstances, the City Manager may determine that vacation that is unable to be used may be paid out rather than lost or may remain in the employees bank). The remaining days may be carried forward and must be used within fifteen (15) months following the vacation year in which the leave is earned or be liquidated by cash payment at the end of the fifteen (15) month period. Such leave that is liquidated by cash payment shall be paid at the employee's rate of pay when the vacation time was earned. Such leave shall be earned on an accrual basis of 7.69 hours per bi-weekly pay period, except for the leave directly approved by the City Commission.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees accrue eight (8) hours of sick leave per month with no limit on the amount that is accumulated.

Accrued sick leave shall be terminally paid at the following rates in relationship to years of service with the City:
Accrued Sick Leave Payout
  • Less than five (5) year 20% sick leave
  • Five (5) to ten (10) years 40% sick leave
  • Ten (10) or more years 80% sick leave

Upon the accumulation of 200 sick leave hours, all employees have the option of converting up to forty-eight (48) hours of sick leave to vacation leave.
Employees may participate in the City's Sick Leave Pool Program upon the completion of one year of employment and with a minimum accumulation of ninety-six (96) hours of sick and/or vacation leave. This program entitles eligible employees to participate in extended sick leave benefits for cases involving non-work related catastrophic or long-term illnesses or injuries.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees shall accrue forty (40) personal leave hours per fiscal year. The personal leave year shall begin on October 1st and end on the following September 30th. Personal leave days will not accumulate from year to year and cannot be liquidated by cash payment.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees receive Disability Salary Replacement Insurance that will provide for a 60% base salary benefit after a ninety (90) day waiting period. During the ninety (90) day waiting period, an employee may utilize accrued sick and vacation leave. Upon entering the program, the employee may continue to use sick and vacation leave to make up the difference between 60% of salary and 100% of salary.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees hired on or after October 1, 2002 in the Executive, Management, Legal & Technical shall be provided with coverage in the City's health insurance plan at a biweekly cost of $55 for employee coverage, $170 for employee plus one (1) dependent and $205 for employee plus two (2) or more dependents for the OAP Plan. For the alternate in-network only (OAPIN) Plan, the biweekly cost is $0 for employee coverage, $32.77 for employee plus one (1) dependent and $72.10 for employee plus two (2) or more dependents.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees shall be provided group dental with $19.00 of the monthly premium costs paid by the City. There are two plans offered at a biweekly cost of $5.17 or $21.37 biweekly for employee only coverage, $14.80 or $40.68 for employee plus one coverage and $23.69 or $58.51 for employee plus two or more coverage.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees shall have the option to purchase vision coverage through payroll deductions. Three plans are offered.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees will receive from the City a "use it or lose it" Health Reimbursement Account annually. The amount to the employee is determined by the employee's medical enrollment status or if no coverage is elected then it will default to the lowest level. The level of the City contribution will be reevaluated once a year. The levels are: Single or no coverage = $300; Employee plus one = $400; and Employee plus two or more = $700. In addition, the employee may establish and contribute to a Flexible Spending Account.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees shall be provided with term life insurance of $100,000 with all premium costs paid by the City. Employees shall have the option of purchasing additional term life insurance at group rates up to an additional maximum amount of $575,000.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees may receive the following paid holidays:

New Year's Day Labor Day Christmas Eve
Martin Luther King's Birthday Veteran's Day Christmas Day
President's Day Thanksgiving Day New Year's Eve
Memorial Day Day after Thanksgiving Employee's Birthday
Independence Day
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees (except the City Manager and City Attorney) are required to participate in the City Pension Plan. All employees will be required to contribute 8% pretax dollars to the employee's retirement fund. An employee is vested in the pension plan after seven years of continuous service. To be eligible for normal retirement an employee must be age 65 with 7 years of service, age 62 with 25 years of service or age 60 with 30 years of service. An employee's pension is determined by averaging an employee's highest 5 consecutive year's annual base salary over the last 10 years of the employee's service using a 2.5% multiplier. To file a claim for benefits under the General Pension Plan or to receive a copy of the Plan or a copy of the Summary Plan Description (SPD), contact the Pension Coordinator at 954-921-3333.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees are eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement in accordance with the following guidelines:

Graduate Benefit
Grade of B or Better 100% Reimbursement at State tuition rates
Grade of Pass 100% Reimbursement at State tuition rates
Undergraduate Benefit
Grade of C or Better 100% Reimbursement at State tuition rates
Grade of Pass 100% Reimbursement at State tuition rates
Reimbursement may not exceed $1,800 for any employee in any one fiscal year. Any coursework eligible for reimbursement must have a direct relationship to the job requirements of the employee's position.
Reimbursement may only be provided for attendance at an accredited college or university. Employees enrolled in a technical or vocational institution shall not be eligible for tuition reimbursement under this program.
Reimbursement shall be available for books and course fees subject to the approval of the Department/Office Director and City Manager or designee. Tuition is subject to the approval of the Department/Office Director and City Manager or designee.
Employees who receive benefits under this program, who voluntarily leave the City's employment within two (2) years of receiving such benefit, shall be responsible for reimbursing the City for the entire cost of this benefit.
In order to the considered for Educational Reimbursement, all coursework must be properly approved prior to the beginning of the class by the Department/Office Director and the City Manager or designee.
  • Executive, Management & Technical will receive the following longevity compensation based on continuous years of service with the City:
  • 10 years of service 5%
  • 15 years of service 3%
  • 20 years of service 2%
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees may enter into a Deferred Compensation Program through payroll deduction.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees have the option of participating in Legal Shield/Identity Shield, AFLAC or Colonial Supplemental insurance through payroll deductions.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees have the option of joining the Sun Credit Union.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees have the option of participating in payroll Direct Deposit.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees may be provided with the use of a City vehicle or a car allowance or $400 per month. Such benefit shall be determined at the sole discretion of the City Manager.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees may be provided with a cellular phone allowance of $70.00 per month. Such benefit shall be determined at the sole discretion of the City Manager.
  • Executive, Management & Technical employees are eligible to participate in the City's Work/Life Assistance Program offering a wide range of services and support.

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