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Kitchen Manager Full-time

at Accomplice Beer Company | Finally Restaurant Group in Wyoming (Published at 08-01-2019)

Professional Profile
Professional Profile
The Kitchen Manager serves in the important role of protecting, maintaining and evolving the restaurants culture through adhering, teaching and preserving the integrity of our food and beverage standards within their restaurant. Food and beverage are at the heart of the definition of our culture and business. The Kitchen Manage works closely with their General Manager, management team and Culinary Supervisor to insure that the following key results areas will be successfully achieved:
  • Quality
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Costs and Financial Performance
Kitchen Managers achieve success by understanding the critical roles they serve within their restaurant. These roles include:
  • Protector of Quality and Culture in Food and Beverage
  • Kitchen Leader for training and developing kitchen team
  • Role Model for Food Safety and Sanitation
  • ______________ building and facilities upkeep and maintenance
  • Proactive manager of costs and financial results
  • Key contributor to building shareholder value through building sales
Kitchen Manager would have the following leadership attributes:
  • Passion for food and food quality
  • Adaptability/flexibility to change, grow, and move forward strategically
  • Confidence in their ability to lead
  • Respectful of people and culture
  • Role model for others and neat and clean appearance
  • Resilient and the ability to manage feedback
  • Adaptable and ability to think on their feet
  • Open minded to change and diversity
  • Live the companys values
  • Decisive and fair decision maker
  • High levels of stamina and the ability to over achieve
Additionally, Kitchen Managers would have the following operational knowledge:
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of Food Safety, OSHA and local health codes
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of food cost controls such as weights, standard measures, product specification, recipe nuances
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of labor cost control and scheduling
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of computer skills and familiarity with Restaurant Magic
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of equipment and preventative maintenance
  • Bi-lingual skills are preferred
A Successful Kitchen Manager from outside the organization will have the following experience levels:
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of previous kitchen experience with mid to high volume ($60-80,000 perweek), full service, casual dining, fresh food, scratch cooking concept
  • PR - Community involvement experience
  • Proven track record of success in the industry and longevity in their positions
  • Experience in training and developing others
  • Ability to effectively manage and adhere to kitchen and financial systems
Professional Responsibilities:
In addition to providing overall kitchen leadership the Kitchen Manager will be directly responsible for seven principle areas within their restaurant. Success in these areas will be based upon Kitchen Managers skills in the following areas:
Kitchen Skills - Needs to be defined
  • Food Knowledge
  • Cooking Skills
  • Knife Skills
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Thermometer Skills
  • More to be determined
Kitchen Management Skills:
  • Quality Standards and Adherence
  • Production Levels
  • Ordering
  • Sanitation
  • Food Safety
  • Facilities Management
  • Equipment
Sales Building Skills:
  • Menu Items/Specials
  • Specials Calendar
Leadership Skills:
Leadership skills are fundamental for the success of a Kitchen Manager. Leadership skills include but are not limited to the following:
  • Culinary Communication to and for the team
  • Working with the Front of the House Team ie. Pre-shifts
  • Actively participating in Manager Meetings
  • Community Involvement
  • Mentoring and Motivational Skills
  • Crisis Management Skills
Financial Skills:
Critical to the success of the Kitchen Manager's role includes their financial abilities in the following areas:
  • Restaurant Magic or related computer skills
  • Cost Control Skills
  • P & L / Labor Cost Control Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Vendor Relationships
Human Resources Skills:
Essential skills in family resources includes the ability to recruit great people, wrap them in our culture, train them to succeed and empower them.
  • Training and development of kitchen team
  • Recruiting, interviewing and hiring great people:
Professional Responsibilities:
In addition to providing overall heart of the house leadership the Kitchen Manager will be directly responsible for Green Board areas within their restaurant. Success in these areas will be based upon Kitchen Managers skills in the following areas:
Communication Skills:
These skills are important in any leadership position the ability to effectively lead and manage people situations through communication styles that allow or support the following types of communication:
  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Negotiator
  • Written and verbal
Strong Organizational Skills
The diverse nature and scope of the Kitchen Manager's job responsibilities make these skills an essential for long term success:
  • Proactive planning
  • Time management



Must Have:

  • 2-3 years with a mid-high volume, full service, casual dining, fresh food, scratch cooking concept

    • Passion for food
    • Able to generate their own financials
    • Experience in training and development
  • Proven track record of consistent progress in the industry

    • Longevity in their current position
    • PR - Community involvement
    • Experience with systems

Must Have:

  • 6 - 12 months experience as an AKM, if individual was a KM prior to our company

  • If the individual has no previous KM experience then they must have been a corporate trainer or lead cook

  • Demonstrated coaching/teaching skills at a sustained level

  • Met expectations of previously listed skills, knowledge and attributes

  • Passion for our companies Culture and Food

  • Able to budget inventory and supplies

  • Basic Leadership skills

  • Demonstrated financial skills

The Kitchen Manager serves a very important role within the restaurant.
The Kitchen Manager serves as a true "culinary partner" to General Manager. The Kitchen Manager's role is to preserve the integrity of our food and culture by serving as role model of culinary excellence for all managers and kitchen team members.
The Kitchen Manager also serves as the culinary leader within the restaurant by serving as an active member of the management team. The Kitchen Manager works closely with the General Manager to insure that the culinary standards of the restaurant are maintained and exceeded at by each member of the heart of the house team.
A Kitchen Manager can further understand their role as a leader by understanding their leadership focus and priorities. The following is an overview of the leadership focus and priorities for Kitchen Manager at the restaurant.
Leadership Focus and Priorities
PROTECTOR of the integrity of the food and the culture:
The integrity of the food and the culture will be protected by the Kitchen Manager focusing on the following areas:
  • Quality standards of food and beverage
  • Preparing and reviewing for Store visits -
  • Preparing and reviewing for Facilities visits
  • Working with the General Manager, Managers and Kitchen Team Members on Quality reports
  • Managing and role modeling safety procedures and training
  • Managing and role modeling sanitation procedures and training
  • Managing cost controls while maintaining quality standards
  • Objective analysis of financials and number
DEVELOPER of People:
The Kitchen Manager is able to support the kitchen team in their personal and professional success by serving as a mentor for their entire team. Mentoring can be formal and/or informal but all mentoring includes the following:
  • Coaching for excellence - family meals
  • Teacher - Resource of knowledge and understanding
  • Council for managing situation
  • Direction in providing a vision for what can be achieved
  • Leader ship through role modeling
  • Partner with the General Manager in identifying potential promotes
  • Team builder for heart of the house family members
LEADER of Safety and Sanitation:
Kitchen Managers serve an important role in leading and managing multiple aspects of the overall heart of the house safety and sanitation standards. The Kitchen Manager insures that safety and sanitation standards are integrated and adhered to in all aspects of the heart of house including:
  • Food Preparation
  • Team Member Hygiene
  • HAACP specifications
  • OSHA regulations
  • Safety audits
MANAGER of Facilities and Building Management:
Kitchen Manager is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of kitchen responsibilities including:
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Floors, walls and ceilings
Communication is a critical skill for a Kitchen Manager's ability to positively impact culinary standards, kitchen team members, General Manager and front of the house teammembers. Effective communication includes:
  • With the DO
  • With the GM
  • With the Culinary Supervisor
  • With the Quality, Safety and Sanitation, & Costs and Financial - Perform. Triangle
One important aspect of a Kitchen Manager's role is a thorough understanding of their span of control and decision making capacity within their restaurant. Fundamental to this is also a complete understanding of the importance of communication. The following provides an overview of a Kitchen Manager's role and responsibilities within the organization.
  • Span of Control
    • Anything related to the food within your restaurant
  • Decision Making
    • Autonomous Decision Making by Kitchen Manager
      • Quality Standards
      • Ordering
      • Production Levels
      • Scheduling and Labor
      • Sanitation and Food Safety
      • Training new kitchen team members
      • Planning
      • Cost Control food and labor
      • Facilities Management
    • Influence in Decision Making by Kitchen Manager
      • Training new managers
      • Sales building
      • Management Development
      • Costs Controls large investments
      • Communication for the restaurant
      • Marketing
      • Manager Meetings
      • Interaction with the Front of the House
      • Turnover
      • Firing
    • Voice in Decision Making by Kitchen Manager
      • Vendors
      • Marketing Activities
      • Specials Calendar
      • Equipment
      • Budget

Brand: Accomplice Beer Company
Address: 115 W. 15th Street Cheyenne, WY - 82001
Property Description: WY 9 WRCH Accomplice
Property Number: 9

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